Shaggy Muses by Maureen Adams

Shaggy Muses by Maureen Adams

“Dog lovers and literary groupies alike will adore SHAGGY MUSES.”

 “These concise biographies are affecting and engaging.”
-Kirkus Reviews

“Written with lively, accessible prose, this absorbing, wholly unique book is a must-read for literature- and dog-lovers alike.”

“Lovers of both dogs and classic writers will identify with this sweet, quirky book.”
-Publishers Weekly

“An intimate look into the lives of famous women authors whose lives were more difficult than we would ever have imagined. Their dogs helped them to survive and create their great works of classic English literature. Lovers of literature and all of those interested in the human/animal bond should read this fascinating book.”
Temple Grandin , author of Animals in Translation

“I so enjoyed SHAGGY MUSES. It manages very successfully to bring into focus exactly why these dogs were important to these writers—an intriguing mixture of providing some with confidence, some with love, some with protection and all of them with a curious sense of identification with another spirit which, sometimes, fuelled their writing. No mean feat.”
Margaret Forster, author of Elizabeth Barrett Browning: The Life and Loves of a Poet


Shaggy Muses by Maureen Adams

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